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seth who?
Bowling is fun for everyone!

(This is really old and outdated.) The life of an uber-competitive, politically engrossed, professional news-junky Web-geek is never quiet. Seth Myers lives a calm, normal life amidst a loud, bustling flurry of chaos.

Sure, it sounds like a challenge meant for only the hardiest of men, but this guy makes easy work of such things.

From his perch near Detroit, Michigan (itself a city that sometimes seems to marvel as the world bustles around it), Seth designs, writes for, obsesses over and otherwise runs the website of a certain TV station whose call letters end the alphabet. It’s a fun livin’.

When the day is done, the music begins. Okay… the reality is that Seth always seems to be listening to some sort of new music -- day or night. Whether it’s a live show, a CD in the car, or a file whisked through iChat and into iTunes, music is an obsession.

Study him closely and you’ll notice that Seth is really just obsessed with stuff that’s different. Other people’s oddities, eccentricities and subcultures often become his fleeting interests. People watching will always be his favorite sport.

Seth grew up in Philadelphia where he learned to eat. It’s something that he still enjoys.

©2004 Seth Myers